Boys before flowers ending. Thoughts. Who would you fall for?

Ah the drama has ended, and I am so sad! I love so much that we had a happy ending…but for me, I hoped more for the soeul couple. I was anticipating a kiss from the two…but we got none! =(  How sad was that? And worst? We didn’t get not even a friggen hug. Though I got to say when Yi Yeong was walking out the airport…he was looking FINE. Ga Eul look so perfect with the kids, and the little girl that asked Yi Jeong if he was from overseas was adorable! I love that scene…but it did not satisfy my craving for the couple. Well I guess they did get their happy ending and thats all I can ask for, and well so did the Jun Pyo/Jandi couple. There were two people I felt bad for though, Ji Hoon and Woo Bin. For one, you can tell Ji Hoon still loves her very much, and its so sad that he would never be able to have her. I wish I can see him have his happiness with another girl. Woo Bin, did not get any scenes at all, and that sucks! He is such a lovable guy in there, and seriously, who doesn’t laugh every time he starts with his ghetto english?

QUESTION: Out of the F4, who would you most likely fall for? Not married…date or whatever, but fall for.

my answer: I would say Yi Jeong. Why? Just because I actually do fall for guys like that all the time. Some are good, some aren’t. I somehow always find my way between a guy and another girl and myself. It’s a curse.

Who would you fall for?



~ by lidk on April 1, 2009.

17 Responses to “Boys before flowers ending. Thoughts. Who would you fall for?”

  1. I’d fall for Gu Jun Pyo

  2. I totally agree with you about soeul couple. I was expecting so much from them, but I’m happy with what happened.

    I would fall for Yi Jeong(if not then Woo Bin)

  3. Tough decision. But by knowing their personality, I would fall for Ji Hoo. Not because he is Kim Hyun Joong, my idol, but because he is always supportive and always there to lend a shoulder to cry on. He is so sweet and so kind, his eyes tells it all. Always so true to oneself and yet, one I would want to comfort and take care of even though he support and watches out for me. I would pick sweet Ji Hoo because of his heart.

    • Yeah I love that he was so sweet too, but like Ga Eul said, “Not all nice girls wants a good guy”. It sucks because a lot of us gals can sit here and say how much we like this good guy and hes perfect…yet we somehow get attracted to the cool one. 😉

  4. Awesome GU JUN PYO !!

  5. I’d fall for Jiho not because he’s handsome or rich but his heart.He’s always listen to ur opinion rather than give the wind to blow ur sorrow.

  6. i’ll fall for jun pyo…….

  7. JIHOO all the way

  8. wow<bi tanii shuten bishregch shuu

  9. I fell for GJP at first but his character got really got on my nerves from episode 13 onwards the i stay rooted for Jihoo. He is the person i wanna spend my entire life with! He’s so perfect! Hubby! dun kill me… I want you to be like the Guem Jandi’s Firefighter!
    Wahhh The horror of missing them is gripping me!

    • Did you watch that show hyun joong was in where he was talking about when he ran away as a kid?

  10. Ji Hoo! I want him to be my firefighter! 🙂 I heart Jihoo ❤

  11. hi.i like Lee Min Ho and you are my dreams.

  12. lee min hoo,dreams

  13. The kind of guy that I’d fall is definitely Jihoo and Yijung. Jihoo for always being there for Jandi no matter how much he’d get hurt in the end, he’d try his best to protect the one he loves. Yijung for being loyal to his first love but finally when he moved on, his act trying to be the cool guy but not the nice guy made him more adorable XD

  14. potang ina mo jun pyo punta ka d2 sa pilipinas papachupa kita sa baka ko….

  15. awesome…..

    i hope all of u had world tour esp. here in Philippines…
    i assure all u enjoy it….


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